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Happy Birthday My Love!



To my man, my love, my life, centre of my universe …. Happy Birthday!!!!

Today I pray for your long healthy life and that you get all the sucesses and good things that life has to offer. Its been 8 years since we have known each other — 7 since we are together, and by all means those are the best years of my life. God has been so kind on me, I could not have asked for a better life partner. I know I have it really great, even though I am a little lazy in telling you often that I love you, i know I should do it more often, but love you I do, with all my heart, every second of the day. Trust me on that.

Oh n btw, you be an awesome daddy to our little hamzu. I so much love seeing you both together it makes my heart break! Keep rocking my world, you guys!






Some yellow N white stripey things I am loving Over the net.

Teething Already!!!!

Hamza was a couple of days short of turning 4 months old when i noticed signs of his first tooth! At first I thought its something else, but after a few days there definitely was a rice-like object trying to come out of his gums! Add a few more days, and I felt it grinding in my finger when he was chewing it happily (OUCH!)

Oh well… He seems to be ecstatic about it (not when he accicently bites his own hands) — and gives me a show-my-tooth-to-the-world expression when i was taking his picture…


With the name of Allah

Starting this blog with the name of Almighty. 

Will be using this platform to combine thoughts, activities, projects, moments in life. A way to save up each moment as it rushes past me. To remember the little sweet things hamza does. To ponder back one day to look upon my life and what it contained……….

I hope I keep up with it..