5 Months Old.

My dear Hamzu — You are 5 months old today. Where did the time go? They say it passes really quickly when you are having a good one, they are right. You are the most awesome little person I have ever met. You take my breath my away with your open mouthed smiles and giggles. I feel so much love for you that I didnt know was possible. And I am astounded by the fact that my love for you keeps on increasing each day.. How is it possible to love you more than (by any ounce) i do now? But i know tomorrow my heart will be more filled.

I love you. But the fact that baffles me is how much YOU love ME!!!! I see so much love for me in your kind, sweet eyes that it makes my heart break! When your eyes sparkle upon seeing me, i feel on top of the world. Its the best feeling. Period.

They arent kidding when they say that you blink and they are fully grown… I have decided to stop blinking from now on.

Going down the memory lane with your pictures of past 5 months…

5 Months Old !!!

5 Months Old !!!


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