Yesterday morning, I flew from Karachi to Lahore with Hamza. Although I am sad to leave the gorgeously pleasant weather in Karachi for the chilly one in Lahore, I am thrilled to be at home with family.
I wont lie, I was pretty apprehansive about flying alone with an infant, but it proved to be one the best flights of my life. My baby is an angel. Period. He slept, he played, he laughed, he fed, and I was proud (mainly because I could hear numerous shrieking babies on the flight). But it all came at a price of a pretty bad muscle pain in my arms and back from handling a (not-so-light) baby and a (pretty heavy) carry bag, ALONE.

Hamza is enjoying a celebrity status here, what with his Nana Nano and Mamu, all being so excited and absolutely thrilled to have him with them for a few days. AAAHHHHH…..!!!! Finally some relaxing-time for Mommy. Win-win!


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