Some day I am having.

There are days when you just feel like banging your head against wall. On repeat. Today is one such day.
Why do babies dont eat even they are hungry? Why do babies dont sleep even when they are sleepy? why oh why?
Well for my little one, the cleaning boy holds more interest than any kind of food being directed at his mouth. And when I gave up on the solid food, and brought a bottle, he would start rolling the nipple from one side to the other in his mouth without drinking more than a few drops. HELLOOO!!! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HUNGRY!!!
Some major patience level is required on such times I tell you. Specially if you are a foolproof planner, a walking timetable, and a control freak like me. I wish babies came with a programmable chip where you could feed the code for the entire day, time to eat, time to poop, time to sleep, time play, time to laugh, time to kiss n hug mama….. well I for one, would definitely be including alot of hug n kiss mama commands in the daily code for sure. Yep, I am flustered and agitated at his not eating properly, but I would swap ANYTHING for baby cuddles. And baby’s sleeping time. Just saying.
I think I have blabbered enough without making any sense. Signing off.


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