Houses are built on Dreams.

Well I am a sucker for organizing stuff. There is nothing in this world that makes me more upset than MESSES!!!
I may go so far as to call myself suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to cleanliness and putting things in order. When I wake up every morning, first thing I want to do is go through every room and put every thing in its rightly place, clear up any messes, do dishes (if leftover from previous night), put away any evening shopping or grocery that is sitting on the dining table, make up beds, fold laundry, put away any clutter etc. After doing these tasks, I feel like some kind of peace, harmony, order has been restored in the universe. The world is a happy place to be in again. Now I can go about planning the day, living my life. As if.
Yes I am that girl who dreams of someday building my own house. I love natural light in a house. Right now where I am living, the place is full of awesome yellow light. But thats about the only plus for this rental house. Let me not go into the faults and shortcomings of this place, or I will be up whole night.

Some beautiful rooms filled with gorgeous light.
natural light 1

natural light 3


I have nesting traits in me. I would prefer a warm, cozy, simple yet stylish, functional kitchen over a stylish bedroom. Kitchen pantry is a thing which I dont have right now and a thing I absolutely need and dream about.

How clever are these pantries….
kitchen pantry 2

kitchen pantry 1

kitchen pantry 3

kitchen pantry 4


After kitchen storage, comes bathroom storage. Here are some inspiring ones….




These toilet rolls are absolutely to die for!!!

Last but definitely not the least on my list today is a closet (or preferably walk-in closet). I have lived my whole life using cupboards and drawers so the concept of open storage space for clothes n accessories is exactly what I need. Where you dont have to disassemble the whole stash of clothes just to find that long lost piece of clothing beneath the heap! Happens everytime. Happens to everyone.
How awesome it would be to combine the below ideas into one nice, stylish, elegant walk-in closet. Well…. A girl can dream right. RIGHT?

cubicle closet

hanging shoerack




PROJECT DREAMHOUSE: Alot more to come. Over n out for now.


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