Back to the Blog.

Well I am back to the blog after almost two months. Why didnt I write earlier? I have been a hell lot of busy and then a hell lot of lazy. Each day I woke up with this determination to write a blogpost but then get caught up in the whirlwind of Mommying and Housekeeping. But not today. Feels good to be back. I have so much to share… so much to write… so many pictures… so many thoughts….

The main reason which kept me from writing in the start was a vacation with my husband. Kind of like a second honeymoon. We went on a mini Euro trip while my parents babysat Hamza. So first I had to go to Lahore, spend a week there so that Hamza gets used to to my Mom. Then I was off for two weeks having THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. then back to Lahore. Two weeks there. Then back to Karachi. Its been a week since I am back. Getting settled after sucha long break. Spec with an almost 8 months old who wants to be played with ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!!! And FYI, nap times? what naptimes? he wants just playtimes. with his Mommy. Without even so much as a peeing break for me. Sigh. Life is brilliant.


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