Baby Food : Carrot Puree

Up till now I was giving Hamza cereals, wheat biscuits, mashed banana, soft boiled egg, yoghurt  and thought it was time to introduce the goodness of vegetables. He sometimes eat canned baby food which he loves, but i only use that when we are on the go.

So i started looking up some easy methods to make purées similar to ones in cans. To my surprise: they are super easy! and super healthy too since they are all natural and prepared at home.


I started with a simple carrot purée. Just snapped a large carrot in half, boiled it in chicken stock (i used 1/4 tsp of chicken powder for my stock). Boil it till tender (insert a fork to check). Then grind it up in a mixer with some of the stock (which would also contain any nutrients excreted from carrot while boiling: SO healthy), depending upon the consistency required. H doesn’t like it chunky so I had it like a think gravy. And then pray to then Heavens that the kid enjoys it 😉 Thank God H did.

DSC_6213 DSC_6215
DSC_6220 DSC_6222



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