Polka dotted Pillows — DIY

A few days ago i got this inkling to try my hand on creating something. Being an engineer and (ok i admit) a total nerd through all my college and school years, being creative was the one thing i always lacked at. After college, followed my 9 to 6 job routine, which left little room for any creativity (Aaaahhh lazy weekends!!).

Now I am a stay-at-home mom, so I am always wanting to do something fun and interesting around the house. I think I have a rare opportunity which I would have never given myself otherwise. So i am going to put this opportunity to good use from now on (Oh God please help me).

Got inspiration from Liz Stanley’s blog, I decided to try and make polka dot pillows. Well… anything polka dotted has my heart! There is something so simple yet so elegant and cute and easy going about them.


I decided to update a white bed sheet set, but i think and any plain coloured sheet would work too (you just have to figure out which colours would strike with them). So i polka dotted the white pillows, but left the sheet and cushions intact. This gives my pillows an instant eye-catch, and also brightens my room (guest room actually).

Things Needed :

  • Two plain (preferably white) pillows
  • Fabric paints (i used yellow and blue, one single colour would look good too)
  • Card board
  • A pencil

Its really simple actually. Just spread the pillow on a flat surface. Put card board inside to prevent the paint from leaking to the other side. Use a pencil to stamp paint. Dip it in the paint bottle, swipe off any extra and stamp it on the pillow. Repeat until you get your desired look. You can mark the points before hand or just go random (as i did). After dotting the whole pillow, let it air dry for a few hours. Then set the paint according to instructions (mine was to iron it for 3 minutes). Donot wash the pillow for three days after painting so that the paint really gets through. Enjoy your craft! (It can also function as a casual but really personal gift for your best friend or Mom 🙂 )


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