DIY Picture Collage Board


For quite sometime now I have been wanting to make a picture board for Hamza. I take so many pictures of him, but hardly any of them gets printed or framed. I thought a collage board would be a good idea to display his pictures, also quite a number at one time. I wanted something semi-permanent so that I can add and subtract as more pictures come along.

I looked up many different ideas on how to accomplish it, some requiring more effort than others. At last i settled on a very simple one.

I bought a soft boad. Some colourful thumb pins. Now i just needed pictures.


I decided on printing all the pictures on 4×4. I used abeautifulmess’s photo editting app (i love it!) to add some borders, doodles and captions to the photos. Also it automatically crops the picture to square dimensions. Super easy!


I am quite please with the final outcome. It looks so vibrant! And it beautifully tells the story of his first 9 months. 🙂

DSC_6868 DSC_6865


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