A walk by the beach


I love the water! well really just watching it from a distance. i m not a swimmer and neither do i get much fun out of splashing in water. But i love walking by the beach, or just sitting and watching the waves go by.

The other night it struck me that Hamza has never been to the beach in his life! WHAAAT! Even when we are at 10-min-drive from the beach? well the main reason for that would be that I never visit that beach often cause of its extremely unhygienic conditions. So i guess we never took him there too. But few days ago, we went for just a quick walk there.



Hamza was amazed by the water. At first he was a little surprised and but looked up his surroundings, found a camel and fell in love instantly. I cant believe how he wasnt even one bit frightened by it and kept stroking its hair! haha 😀

DSC_7296 DSC_7303-001 DSC_7294-003 DSC_7294-002


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