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DSC_7570” A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013. “




Life these days.

Things have finally settled around the house. It seems so much like home now. I am glad and relieved. Plus I am always getting such good responses from anyone visiting about the house, feels good.

Next week we are going to take a trip. first we goto iatesam’s family for few days, and then from there, he goes off to Phillipines for his official work and I will be off to Lahore. He has to go to Prague from there, so I will be staying with my parents for two to three weeks.

Dont wanna go. I am rather attached to my home now 😦
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This past week

Last week was moving week. Let me share an insight: moving a house with a crawling baby…. NOT EASY, definitely not easy. We are still setting it up but slowing this new place is starting to look like our home, and WE LOVE IT!

Its so serene and calm and beautiful here, i never want to leave the house (and thats saying something!). We are specially in love with our terrace which gives such beautiful nice breeze from the sea that we never want to go inside.
IMG_2439IMG_2570This would be the entrance, I am totally in love with the YELLOW WALL. have got so many ideas for it. Continue reading