This past week

Last week was moving week. Let me share an insight: moving a house with a crawling baby…. NOT EASY, definitely not easy. We are still setting it up but slowing this new place is starting to look like our home, and WE LOVE IT!

Its so serene and calm and beautiful here, i never want to leave the house (and thats saying something!). We are specially in love with our terrace which gives such beautiful nice breeze from the sea that we never want to go inside.
IMG_2439IMG_2570This would be the entrance, I am totally in love with the YELLOW WALL. have got so many ideas for it.

IMG_2572 This would be the hall way. I have no idea what I m gonna do with it, but it deserves something special.IMG_2474 Helping to set up the coffee table.IMG_2595Would you please take me out of this crib?
IMG_2581 IMG_2580My cuddle bug.IMG_2567 IMG_2542 FInally i got to take out my fancy dinner ware. I so love it.IMG_2543 IMG_2545 IMG_2546IMG_2551 After a hard day at work.IMG_2560IMG_2541 I love this kitchen.

IMG_2527 I love my nursery =PIMG_2505 Some progress.IMG_2481 Beautiful natural light and some peeking through the window.IMG_2473Mini photographer in the making.IMG_0773 lovely flowers from a friend!IMG_0774 IMG_0783 IMG_2472IMG_2602Finally….. Phew!!!

There’s still loads to be done but i guess we did a good job in a week specially with a crawling baby who would immediately go to the most dangerous spot in the room as soon as you put him down, and there is only so much you can accomplish while holding a 22 lbs baby.


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