Family vacation in Prague

A few weeks ago, we took a vacation as a family to Prague. I think it was the most beautiful city I have ever seen ( and i have done my share of travelling around the world). What with perfect fall colors, the rustic warm tones of trees complimented so well by pastel shades of the architecture there, Prague seemed nothing short of God’s best artwork! It was magical! It was so pretty, it hurt!
We took a gamble by taking our one year old with us, having debated many times whether or not. But i m so glad we did! And what a Pro Hamzu has been during the trip. The boy is an entertainer, attracting countless smiles and laughter and appreciative glances our way on the trains, buses, parks, city squares. Charming everyone on the go. (Gets being called a lady killer and womanizer :p). Ofcourse there were moments when we thought “Gosh we arent very smart, are we? We really dont know what we are doing!” But the joy of seeing everybody love him and experiencing the world through his eyes was worth all such hardships. Never a dull moment with this boy. So proud of him. And so grateful for him.
He wakes up in the morning the moment I am up. Sleeps at night after putting me down. Keeps me company all day long with his silly jokes and laughter. This is my favourite stage of him, so happy, so naughty, so witty (and so messy :p). I am loving every bit of it!
I am so glad we took the trip as a family. It definitely brought us closer, it was lovely seeing husband interact with my son and take care of him all day long which he doesnt get to do very often due to his work routine. My heart melted seeing those two together. Made me so proud of my little family. And ofcourse the best part, the most beautiful memories we made. After all, the purpose of life is the acuqisition of memories. And I think, down the road, the things that we will remember with utmost sweetness will be the momories made during travels. Nothing beats travelling and seeing the world and experiencing different cultures, languages, people, weather. World is a beautiful place! its a shame to miss on any chance to not experience more of it than our secluded vicinity.
Just a sneak peak of pictures, lots more to come later!

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