Oh Charming Prague!

The beauty of Prague cannot be described in words, unless you are Shakespeare. I think we chose the perfect time to visit, Fall is the season to visit Prague. Its magical with all its yellowy rustic shades and crisp fallen leaves.

The walk by the Charles Bridge — so beautiful. Prague is very touristic. But there is an elegance to it, which is amiss in other touristic cities of Europe. Such talented streets artists, I have never seen elsewhere. The beautiful historic, preserved architecture, the cobble-stoned streets, the pretty fall trees made it extremely difficult for me to leave Prague without tears in my eyes.

I know its pretty far-fetched and totally imaginative, but Prague is on top of my list of my dream cities to settle in 😉 (A girl gotta keep her dreams alive, no?)

Have a look at some of my favourite shots, if you like, behind the cut.
7988_4853752201387_46530646_n 935990_4881142246121_1906108257_n 994628_4853761721625_705908449_n 1374758_4853750921355_1501856607_n 1375644_4862832588391_276631126_n 1375734_4868375966972_1190597091_n 1379627_4853764721700_2099618469_n 1380471_4862899670068_938811081_n 1380783_4881139806060_384960994_n 1381192_4853763481669_1139803426_n 1383174_4862911870373_156325040_n 1383323_4853758321540_93447469_n 1383537_4862821108104_2018690196_n 1383537_4862821148105_489580992_n 1383713_4853759281564_588990383_n 1385745_4862852028877_890979935_n 1390629_4853753121410_1721050200_n 1391532_4853755921480_763695235_n 1392024_4868375526961_484736965_n 1396041_4853749921330_546474577_n


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