Happy New Year !!

DSC_9831Its the start of another year. Time to get one’s self sorted out and taking stock.

I believe its a good opportunity for me to get more organized with this little blog of mine. I want to start some weekly posts. Last year I participated in The 52 Project, where you post a portrait of your child once a week, but I left it mid way. I plan to participate in it once again with renewed focus and hopefully i will make it till the end this time.

I will also be taking more photos of our days and just life, and maybe will start a weekly collection of them. I love photography, and my new year resolution is to take it more seriously and to put that DSLR to good use (gave myself some online tutorials last night so thats a start).

I read a fair amount of books in 2013, and I discovered my passion for non-fiction, satire, memoirs. I plan to keep building up on that and make more progress.

Food is always close to my heart. Trying out new recipes is exciting. So hopefully, there will more recipe sharing here. (Not to mention, food photography đŸ˜‰ )

I am taking part in two photography related projects this year. 365 project and The Patch. I will link up my progress here.

Above all, I hope and pray to be a good wife, a better mother and above all a more sane and aware human being.



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