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Life Lately (A weekly collection): Week # 3

week 3 week 3 week 3 week 3 week 3 week 3 week 3 week 3 week 3 week 31. Nothing is more beautiful than this rosy cheeked sleepy baby.

2. Reading The Bride —- by Bapsi Sidhwa.

3. Building blocks and upturned cart.

4. Perfect green smoothie to start the day.

5. Contemplating.

6. “Look i found a leaf!”

7 & 8. My house plants.

9 & 10. Oranges…. Joys of winter.



Life Lately (A weekly collection) : Week # 1

Port GrandPort Grand

Watching Sunset
Watching SunsetSunset at Port GrandSunset at Port GrandBeautiful EveningBeautiful EveningFountain Fun!Fountain Fun

Port GrandMine. Both of them.Mine. Both of them.

Life Lately_1Life Lately_1My wedding JewelleryMy wedding Jewellery

Life lately_1These guys are so cute!These guys are so cute

Our family initials Aetesam_Abeer_Hamza

Our family initials
Aetesam_Abeer_HamzaMy kitchen lamp, i love!My kitchen lamp, i love!Hi Woody ;)Hi Woody 😉

Life Lately_1