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Baking my heart out!!

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I am a Cookie Monster!

I cannot declare my love for chocolate chip cookies strongly enough in words. Yesterday I tried my luck at baking them. Turns out they are the easiest thing to bake! Hello future home-made chocolate chip cookies! 😉

I starting looking for a recipe that would involve less and basic ingredients and simpler steps. I was in luck! I found a great recipe that was extremely easy to whip up and cookies came out great — taste wise as well presentation wise. The best thing about this recipe is that it only makes two large cookies. So I can divulge in this sinful pleasure every once in awhile without any tempting leftovers calling my name later.

Make two chocolate chip cookies. Eat them with your partner. And be happy. Unless you want some more. In that case, make some more 😉

Aaaahhhhh…. Gorgeous perfect chocolate chip cookies….. You were delicious!!!!

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So long cookies…. We ll meet again. Soon.