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I like boring things.


I never knew i was such a conventional person at heart. But lately, I am coming to more and more realisations about myself. I am learning to accept myself finally for what I am, and not what my idea of myself is.

I like boring things. I like freshly made beds, the smell of just-laundered clothes, the sound of soup simmering away on the stove, the background sound of tv as I accomplish daily household chores.

I like putting away messes of cluttered objects many times a day, thanks to my toddler son. I like doing things as planned. I like putting stuff back in order. It gives a strange satisfaction and makes me feel like i am in control of my life. Its the little things that matter so much to me. That my baby has napped well, he has eaten his lunch etc.

I like to stay on top of things. There is always milk in the fridge, snacks in the pantry. And when not, I like making lists. I LOVE making lists. and then checking off the completed items.

I have accepted that i am a domestic person at heart. There is nothing that gives me more happiness than seeing my little family together at the end of the day, whether its when my husband is working on his laptop and my baby is busy making messes around the family room and I am sipping on tea while the tv blares in background, or its when the three of us are taking a drive around the city, or when my boys are finally sleeping with their mouths agape and their limbs arranged in a disorderly fashion. God my heart swells with love for these two. I want nothing more. Just their happiness and well-being and health. (and maybe an occasional chance to go to the movies, its been sooooo long i tell u).

Although we muslims dont celebrate Thanksgiving but I personally think its an amazing holiday, which allows a person to express his gratitude.

I am grateful for the two boys in my home. They make me so happy.



We celebrated Eid ul Fitr this friday, signifying the end of the Holy month of Ramazan.

Its a time to get together with family, wear fancy clothes, eat sweet delicacies and traditional meals.

This year’s was Hamza’s first Eid ul Fitr. The little guy wore his first shalwar kurta shalwar and totally rocked it! See for yourself 😉

We spent the Eid with my parents and family as Iatesam was out of country for business. We missed you…

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This past week

Last week was moving week. Let me share an insight: moving a house with a crawling baby…. NOT EASY, definitely not easy. We are still setting it up but slowing this new place is starting to look like our home, and WE LOVE IT!

Its so serene and calm and beautiful here, i never want to leave the house (and thats saying something!). We are specially in love with our terrace which gives such beautiful nice breeze from the sea that we never want to go inside.
IMG_2439IMG_2570This would be the entrance, I am totally in love with the YELLOW WALL. have got so many ideas for it. Continue reading

Dear Hamza.

My dear Hamza,

You are such a special little person. i believe you are the perfect one. i love your sparkling eyes, that bright up at any sign of mischief, your full giggling laughter, your little teeth showing when you smile or make those adorable new faces that i have no idea from where you learn. You really are a beautiful baby and I cant believe how i got to be so lucky as to have you as my own.


But the best thing about you is your beautiful, kind heart. You have such a fun and loving personality that amazes me every second of the day. Your awesome sense of humour, the way you laugh at yourself when you know you have done something stupid. Your ability to understand jokes as I make them to you and you always respond by laughing. Your mind…. its genius i can tell.


You are just so much fun to be around. Always making me happy with you little ways. You are crawling all over the house. But most of all, you love to stand with anything that you can find as a support and then you walk while holding it. You are learning so many new things by the day!

DSC_7331 DSC_7340

You love me and your dad so so much! We are the luckiest. it melts my heart the way you are always running after your dad, when he is around, you even fail to notice me, you have eyes only for him. But i wont complain, cause these days your favourite thing also happens to be kissing your mama 😉


You just love any pictures of us hanging on the walls or any artwork for that matter. It excites you much to see those things, the spark in your eyes and the happiness on your face is unmatchable then.


You make me so so happy every day and with each passing day i love you more and more. You are really precious lil one. May God always protect you from any evil or bad luck.DSC_7309



Yesterday morning, I flew from Karachi to Lahore with Hamza. Although I am sad to leave the gorgeously pleasant weather in Karachi for the chilly one in Lahore, I am thrilled to be at home with family.
I wont lie, I was pretty apprehansive about flying alone with an infant, but it proved to be one the best flights of my life. My baby is an angel. Period. He slept, he played, he laughed, he fed, and I was proud (mainly because I could hear numerous shrieking babies on the flight). But it all came at a price of a pretty bad muscle pain in my arms and back from handling a (not-so-light) baby and a (pretty heavy) carry bag, ALONE.

Hamza is enjoying a celebrity status here, what with his Nana Nano and Mamu, all being so excited and absolutely thrilled to have him with them for a few days. AAAHHHHH…..!!!! Finally some relaxing-time for Mommy. Win-win!

On Parenting …

Oh Boy! This parenting gig is a tough one. It involves juggling between feeding, changing diapers, getting the lil one to sleep ON REPEAT!!! I mean you think that you can have a few moments of peace after doing one bit but its a false hope… The cycle never stops. Add to it baby tanturms (i have slept n changed and fed but still you have got to hold me OR ELSE…), and you have got yourself a complete madhouse formula!

For a stay-at-home mom/dad, it can leave you a bit flustered, somewhat bordering on depressed. i mean there is only so many times that you can change a poopy diaper a Day! You crave adult interaction, you crave quality alone time, you crave dressing up and going out on your own. And between all these cravings, you become absorbed in the so-called loss of personal identity (who am I? Just a Mom? Whats my life going to be frm now onwards? N about a million more such question marks!).

Times like these that you miss your family to bits, someone to share the thoughts with, someone to share the load with, n most of all someone to share the gazillion cute things that your baby does all the time! Aahh!!! Time to visit family i guess ….

Can he get any cuter?

Can he get any cuter?