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On Parenting …

Oh Boy! This parenting gig is a tough one. It involves juggling between feeding, changing diapers, getting the lil one to sleep ON REPEAT!!! I mean you think that you can have a few moments of peace after doing one bit but its a false hope… The cycle never stops. Add to it baby tanturms (i have slept n changed and fed but still you have got to hold me OR ELSE…), and you have got yourself a complete madhouse formula!

For a stay-at-home mom/dad, it can leave you a bit flustered, somewhat bordering on depressed. i mean there is only so many times that you can change a poopy diaper a Day! You crave adult interaction, you crave quality alone time, you crave dressing up and going out on your own. And between all these cravings, you become absorbed in the so-called loss of personal identity (who am I? Just a Mom? Whats my life going to be frm now onwards? N about a million more such question marks!).

Times like these that you miss your family to bits, someone to share the thoughts with, someone to share the load with, n most of all someone to share the gazillion cute things that your baby does all the time! Aahh!!! Time to visit family i guess ….

Can he get any cuter?

Can he get any cuter?